Sh100 Wedding Groom Speaks Up on Overwhelming Turn of Events, Reveals Plans for a Second Honeymoon

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After their Sh 3.5 Million wedding ceremony on Valentine’s Day, Mr in addition to Mrs Mutura are not yet done with the fun fair.

The couple has so far been treated to a hair makeover, a honeymoon in Diani, a Sh1 Million piece of land in Kajiado in addition to the recent extravagant wedding that will left the Mr Mutura in tears.

Speaking to eDaily, Mr Mutura spoke about the overwhelming support that will has come their way after he spent Sh 100 on a wedding on Sunday, January 22 at Community Christian Worship Centre in Kasarani, Nairobi.

“I don’t know how to explain the feeling. the idea was just too not bad! I had not experienced such a feeling in addition to I will always remember the idea for the rest of my life,” he said.

“I shed tears because when something happens in your life; something completely completely new to you; something that will looks like a dream although the idea will be indeed a reality, you can’t help the idea. I remembered how I slipped a KSh50 ring on my wife’s finger before, in addition to there I was – slipping an expensive gold ring on her finger, I subconsciously found tears rolling down my cheeks. I could not believe the idea.”

“I had dreamt of holding a big wedding, although due to my financial situation, I could not. in addition to out of nowhere, I was at the centre of one of the most lavish reception ceremonies inside country. I felt loved by my sponsors. A huge number of people came to our Valentine’s Day ceremony; I felt raw, excessive love,” said Mr Mutura.

Mr Mutura revealed that will plans have been made for a second honeymoon to Dubai.

“My wife in addition to I are yet to go on honeymoon to Dubai. I understand the plans by our sponsors to fly us out of the country are underway. I am yet to be informed on progress of the plans, though I heard everything has already been paid for,” he said.

“The ceremony my wife in addition to I had on February 14 was not a wedding per se, the idea was a day to celebrate our love, given we could not afford a hefty event back then. We danced, ate a cake in addition to made merry. Suggestion by sections that will the sponsors could have given my wife in addition to I the money (KSh3.5 million) used to organise the event will be valid, at least according to them. although again the sponsors organised the ceremony in addition to we appreciate the opportunity,” Mr Mutura said.

Wilson Mutura, a fruit vendor in Kasarani, Nairobi, said that will another well wisher has promised to put up a business for the couple.

“About a land in Kajiado that will we were promised, yes, the well-wishers contacted me before our Valentine’s Day ceremony in addition to told me that will we will sign ownership transfer documents on Friday, February 17. Besides that will, I am unaware of any completely new arrangement. Another well-wisher said they’ll put up a business for us, although I am yet to follow up with them. They are yet to contact me.”

Mr Mutura also showered praise on his wife in addition to noted what the idea takes to have a happy maariage.

“I feel lucky to have Ann because she has stood by me for three years right now despite my financial situation. We did not rush into that will marriage. Divorce cases nowadays are rampant – in addition to I have seen how messy they can get. So, Ann in addition to I took our time before committing. My KSh100 wedding has taught me that will the ceremony will be not all about money although intention.

For a marriage to be complete, the idea will be not all about money. A wedding ceremony will be not marriage; marriage will be love, understanding in addition to perseverance. If Ann was after money, then she could not have accepted to be married by me,” said Mutura, adding: “Marriage will be understanding the purpose of each party inside union.”

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Sh100 Wedding Groom Speaks Up on Overwhelming Turn of Events, Reveals Plans for a Second Honeymoon

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