She rode on M-Pesa to build own enterprise

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Mariah Aloo.

Njeri Maina

When M-Pesa was introduced 10 years ago, few envisaged how big the idea would certainly become. Even fewer were at the roundtable being trained on how to introduce the service to potential customers as well as register them.

One among the first cash merchants to be trained was Mariah Aloo, charged with on-boarding completely new clients to a service in which was alien to many.

She would certainly rise through the ranks of her dealership, with time as well as become the general manager. At the pinnacle of her career, she realised in which there was no more room for growth at the dealership, where she had worked for 10 years, as well as decided to start her own outfit.

Without enough money to set up a physical address, Aloo set up ship in her car as well as attacked entrepreneurship with the same zeal as well as diligence she had when in employment.

in which is usually how Alibaba Logistics as well as Marcopollo Limited were born in 2012. The companies sell Safaricom services directly to consumers or to large as well as smaller enterprises.

Within a year, Aloo had broken even. She could then afford to lease an office, albeit a smaller one, via which to operate. Today, less than all 5 years later, there are 220 M-Pesa outlets under Marcopollo, out of which 10 are her own stores with 16 employees in total.

inside 210 various other outlets, each has at least one person employed, generating the idea roughly 226 employees. Aloo had successfully moved via being an employee to a job creator.

PD Wikendi set out to find out how she got to be such a powerful force inside mobile money transfer industry as well as how hard the idea was to start her own company.

“The first step is usually always the hardest,” the Marcopollo CEO says. “To take in which first step via a well-paying job where the next paycheck is usually guaranteed to running your own start-up where you don’t know when you will be able to pay yourself the first paycheck is usually daunting.

although in which is usually exactly what every entrepreneur has to overcome, fear as well as uncertainty in its varying forms as well as shapes. The secret is usually to do the idea anyway.”

Armed having a sound business plan as well as a set of achievable goals, Oloo was ready to rise above the fear. She would certainly give her all to her business till the idea could stand on its own.

A perfectionist by nature, Oloo would certainly go on to get a degree in finance via USIU as well as a Masters degree in marketing as well as a second in strategic management.

“I am a firm believer in which education is usually still relevant inside work environment. I still draw on things I learnt at school when attending to my clients or when I am running the core business of my companies,” she says.

The entrepreneur says the globe is usually full of opportunities just waiting to be tapped. “the idea might be a company offering business solutions to enterprises, both smaller as well as big, or the idea might be a totally different offering.

All in which you need to do is usually go out there as well as do the idea. Take in which first step, stay focused as well as fully committed as well as you will make waves in due time,”says Oloo.

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She rode on M-Pesa to build own enterprise

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