Slay queens ‘complain’ of tiny disco section at Nyeri ASK show

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By IRENE MUGO, @wanjirumugo

Slay queens, drama queens as well as also beauty queens in Nyeri have threatened to boycott the Central region ASK show over lack of ample space at the disco tents.

A poet in Nyeri Ms Waruguru Kiai, who can be also a lawyer, excited Facebook users with her hilarious post accusing the organizers of the show of sidelining “serious investors as well as also stakeholders” inside the preparation of the exhibitions.

“As you all know slay queens need space to swing their weaves as well as also make bubbles with their BIG-G, beauty queens need to strut as well as also smile while carrying Guarana on their heads as well as also drama queens need enough space for all ‘squad’ members… none of these factors have been put into consideration,” she wrote.

She complained that will organizers allocated little space for disco people as well as also shortchanged that will for toilets.

“The denial of space to the disco people have been interpreted as a deliberate effort on your end to prevent show goers by showing off their dancing skills,” she said.


The lack of space, that will was noted, would certainly negatively impact on the smooth flow of frothy drinks by one table to another causing unnecessary bouts of soberness occasioned by the lack of continuous uninterrupted swallowing of the frothy drinks.

The lawyer felt that will the organizers were working in cohorts with parents to control the music volumes at the Kabiruini grounds.

“How comes, Omega Disco has been allocated space next to the forest? How comes the path to the said Disco has not been cleared as well as also the stones painted like some other stands. How comes the area can be still full of ‘miheheje‘ (Black jack) unlike the KWFT stand which looks like a scene by heaven. How comes the said space has not been allocated KWS officers to keep off elephants. can be This kind of not a plot to eliminate all Despacito dancers?”

Children will suffer the brunt too after their space allocated for huge merry-go-round swings have been ‘grabbed’ by maize as well as also cassava boilers.

“If that will can be not discrimination of the highest order, I don’t know what can be!” she noted.

Further, hawkers selling plastic butterflies, balloons, as well as also Mickey Mouse face painters have been denied access to the prime spots inside the show ground.

Others who have not been given access as well as also rights to trade include Kichwa bila mwili, the snakes with two heads, kichwa mbili mtu one, The beautiful ‘ngumutha’ by mombatha (Mombasa), The three eyed dwarf as well as also majini toka Congo.


The protestors said they would certainly not take the issues laying down demanding that will the ASK officials immediately seek out the aforementioned legends as well as also offer them prime space inside the facility.

“Failure to which, we shall uproot all the spinaches by the Prison Stand, chase out all the cows as well as also pigs at the Wambugu farm stand as well as also flatten all stands using the KWFT tractor on display.

“We shall not stop there, we will go ahead to drink all milks by Mukurweini as well as also Wakulima Dairy stands, we shall then raid CDF Stands as well as also demand for handouts, we shall demand free intakes by the KU stand before drowning our sorrows at the Coca Cola stand, that will can be there where we shall plan our attacks against the Bradegate stand.

“One member Diaspora Branch Heize Kahindo has brought to the attention of the chair that will parachutes need to be brought back, paper caps as well as also a real life lion need to make a comeback too.

“In addition, all person’s wearing scout uniform need not to pay. I therefore encourage all of us to liaise with Vaashiz Grace Michuki for supply of scout uniforms…

“Lastly, that will has not escaped us that will you have not bothered to put up a missing child stand. What can be a show without a missing child?

“Act currently, failure to which…we shall revisit…” she concluded.

Source – Nairobi News

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Slay queens ‘complain’ of tiny disco section at Nyeri ASK show

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