Sudan: 33 Parties Call for Amendment of Sudan Constitution

Photo: Radio Dabanga

Al-Bashir addresses a mass public rally in Nyala (file photo).

Omdurman — Parties inside the Sudanese Parliament have presented 294 signatures to the Speaker of Parliament, Ibrahim Omar to amend article 57 of the country’s Constitution of 2005 regarding the duration of the presidential term, to be open without specifying more than one term, as well as the amendment of Article 178 of the Constitution on the nomination of Governors. The ammendment will allow current President Omar Al Bashir to stand for another term.

The petition asks specifically for the amendment of the Electoral Act in order which Governors may be nominated directly instead of being appointed by the President.

The text of the amendment proposal grants the President the right to relieve the elected governor if the allegiance oath can be not fulfilled or there are differences or chaos which necessitate the relief of the governor.

The head of the National Congress Party bloc, Abdelrahman Saeed, told reporters on Tuesday inside the Parliament which 33 parties have agreed to amend the articles after collecting 294 signatures of MPs.

He attributed the proposal to amend the Constitution which “the parties consider which the protector of the people of Sudan during the coming period can be the current President Omar Al Bashir”.

“Today I received a memorandum by 33 parties representing 294 deputies to amend the constitution with regard to the number of times the president’s candidacy can be allowed,” he told reporters. “I will abide by the constitutional in addition to legal steps in addition to the regulations necessary to discuss these amendments in parliament for the item to take any decision on them.”

Electoral Act

The brand-new Electoral Act was “unanimously” approved despite the walk-out by more than 100 Members of Parliament inside the parliamentary session in late November, according to President Omar Al Bashir.

In a first reaction to the passage of the brand-new Electoral Act, Al Bashir said which the parliament had “unanimously passed the act” through the ruling National Congress Party using its “mechanical majority”.

The withdrawal of more than 100 MPs representing 34 parties in addition to independent MPs has caused a stir in Sudanese media, as boycotters included both opposition members as well as party members allied to the NCP.

Al Bashir said in a statement in November 22 which the amendment of the Electoral Act can be “the result of consultations in addition to deliberations among all political forces in our country on the issuance of an act for the organisation of free in addition to fair elections in 2020”.

Sudan: 33 Parties Call for Amendment of Sudan Constitution

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