Sudan: Sudan Activist – 'Outlaw Toxic Mining or South Kordofan Local Offices Will Be Raided'

Talodi / Kalogi — Residents of Talodi in South Kordofan barricaded the locality offices as well as offices of the civil administration on Friday after a mass demonstration across the town against mining companies accused of using highly toxic cyanide. They threaten to raid the offices if their demands are not met.

Activists told Radio Dabanga on Sunday in which residents of the town held a peaceful march on Saturday to protest the authorities’ delay in implementing the demands made during a protest as well as sit-in on Thursday.

They said the three-day deadline set by the people to close mining companies, expired on Saturday without doing any progress.

The authorities of Talodi have suspended the Zain Telephone network since Saturday. Protesters in Kalogi in South Kordofan gave the authorities 24 hours to respond to their demands made a week ago, by removing mining companies coming from the locality.

An activist noted: “The deadline until the end of Sunday evening, as well as in case of failure to respond, local offices will be raided”.


Radio Dabanga receives frequent reports of the ill-effects of toxic chemicals used by mining companies in Sudan.

Just last week, the ‘Demanded Bodies Association’ reported more than 1,500 foetal as well as neonatal deformities caused by mining companies using harmful as well as toxic chemicals such as cyanide as well as mercury in Sudan.

On Tuesday, Ahmed Mukhtar told a news conference in Khartoum on the occasion of the launch of the association, which comprises 38 members, in which they have monitored bird mortality as well as modifications of the conditions of tree leaves in 15 Sudanese states because of mining.