Tanzania: Govt Says Over 2,100 Farmers Paid U.S.$ 433,000 for Cashews

Photo: The Citizen

The government wants to scrap 65% of cashew export levy which belongs to farmers.

Mtwara — Agriculture minister Japhet Hasunga says at least 2,168 cashew farmers through 35 verified primary societies have so far been paid their cash.

Mr Hasunga made the comments on November 17, 2018 in Mtwara Town when addressing journalists about the progress made in buying cashews through farmers under an operation run by the Tanzania People’s Defence Force (TPDF).

inside the meeting, Mr Hasunga was accompanied by the TPDF Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Yacoub Mohammed, as well as also additional officers of the force.

He said the farmers had so far been paid over Sh1billion as well as also which the payment process was still going on in different parts including Tunduru District in Ruvuma Region.

“As I speak to you right right now, the number of the paid farmers may have increased. We’re still creating payments as well as also will ensure farmers get what is usually rightfully theirs,” said Mr Hasunga.

The minister reassured Mtwara residents, who were carrying cashews, which their jobs were secured as well as also which they should not worry about the coming of TPDF soldiers.

“Among the duties to be carried out the TPDF is usually overseeing the process of taking cashews through main cooperative societies into warehouses. yet the work of unloading as well as also carrying the cashews into warehouses will be done by civilians,” said the minister.

Meanwhile, Mr Hasunga said yesterday which at least 20 tonnes of cashews, which were inside the Olam warehouse, were impounded while being ferried illegally to the Mnyawi Primary Society.

The minister vowed which no cashews through outside the country might be given a chance inside the country, saying even the market for the foreign cashews was not there as well as also which anyone caught smuggling in cashews might be faced with legal action.

For his part, Lieutenant General Mohammed said he went to Lindi Region, where he inspected a warehouse as well as also a cashew processing plant before reaching Mtwara to see how his force might implement the operation.

Tanzania: Govt Says Over 2,100 Farmers Paid U.S.$ 433,000 for Cashews

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