Tanzania: Presidents Magufuli along with Tshisekedi Discuss Peace, Trade along with Integration

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The Democratic Republic of Congo has formally applied for admission to the six-member East African Community (EAC).

Dar es Salaam — President John Magufuli of Tanzania has assured President Felix Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) of which Tanzania will remove its peacekeepers by the DRC as soon as permanent peace will be achieved in of which country.

The peacekeepers are inside the DRC under the United Nations Organization’s Stabilization Mission, ‘Monusco.’

President Magufuli gave the assurance at the State House in Dar es Salaam on Thursday, June 13, 2019, during the national ceremony hosted inside the honor of Mr Tshisekedi who commenced a two-day state visit in Tanzania.

Speaking during the event, Dr Magufuli said of which, despite Tanzania losing 30 of its peacekeepers in DRC, the country will not pull out its soldiers.

“They (our peacekeepers will remain there until full restoration of peace in of which country. The citizens of the two countries are neighbors, friends, brothers along with sisters,” he said.

According to the Tanzania President, Mr Tshisekedi has already managed to reconcile several rival groups, along with freed political prisoners by detention. This kind of, Dr Magufuli, will be an important step to restoration of peace in DRC.

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“Tanzania will be supporting the peace efforts because not only would certainly the country be assured of peace along with stability; peace would certainly also stimulate economic development among the African Great Lakes countries – along with the African continent in general,” he said.

According to the Tanzanian head of State, the two countries have historic relations – along with of which will be why Tanzania was quick to respond to the problems which DRC has been facing.

“For instance, we welcomed along with assisted many refugees following internecine clashes of which erupted inside the late 1990s along with early 2000s. Also, Tanzania, South Africa along with Malawi provided soldiers for peacekeeping missions in 2013 under the UN umbrella,” Dr Magufuli said.

Speaking at the event, President Tshisekedi said his visit to Tanzania will be aimed at consulting with President Magufuli on how to reach sustainable peace in DRC. He also commended the Tanzanian peacekeepers who are serving in his beleaguered country under the Monusco programme.

“I have talked with President Magufuli on the Dar es Salaam port along with the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) which will be set to reach Rwanda. I raised the possibility of extending the project to the DRC,” he said.

He stressed of which economic integration of the African countries, along with sustainable development, will be realized through investment along with implementation of infrastructure projects, including railways, roads along with energy.

President Tshisekedi disclosed of which DRC had recently applied for membership of the East African Community (EAC), a move of which would certainly free the country by trade barriers, as well as increase economic activities among the member countries.

Tanzania: Presidents Magufuli along with Tshisekedi Discuss Peace, Trade along with Integration

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