The not bad, the bad as well as the ugly Kenyan news makers of 2016

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Dr. Fred Matiang’i
The Education cabinet secretary has done the unthinkable. Apart through giving the country 141 A’s inside just announced KCSE results, Dr Matiang’i has engaged in a fierce battle with the cartels inside education industry as well as won. The CS has cleaned up the education sector in a way of which no one else had the courage to do including fake universities, fake certificates, fake results as well as all the sickness of which haunted the education sector..

2016 has been the year of protests. Tea farmers, doctors, airline workers, teachers, as well as county workers among others have taken to the streets with fervor as well as pain. Strikes of which ran for weeks as well as months in some cases were seen as a testament of the strength as well as influence of the collective groups of which fought for their rights.

Alongside them, were political protestors as well as civil society protestors who regularly turned up in thousands to keep the government in line. Political protests hounded IEBC officials out of office.

Kenyans on Social Media
The online battalion can be everywhere; on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, on the blogosphere as well as on every various other social networking site of which exists under the sun. Armed with their phones as well as laptops or desktops, the wrath of Kenyans on social media can be swift as well as brutal. They took on Java coffee house for poor service, took on Kenya Airways for terrible service, took on cabinet secretaries, took on MPs as well as MCAs. When of which called for, they typed their way to victories such as raising money for various causes.

Jacob Juma
Wealthy businessman, crook, government critic as well as online activist. Juma was all these. as well as he was all over. He viciously attacked the Deputy President William Ruto over corruption allegations, revealed government corruption on his Twitter feed, had a slew of cases in court for messing up his business partners as well as predicted his own death. He was shot in cold blood like he said could happen.

Miguna Miguna
2017 Nairobi gubernatorial seat candidate Miguna Migina has an ego of which walks next to him wherever he goes. Can’t fit in his body. as well as he has brains. Anyone with an appointment to debate him has two choices; not show up or show up as well as expect to be humiliated. He embarrassed fellow candidate Margaret Wanjiru, talked crassly to Esther Passaris as well as forced KTN to strike off the Jeff Koinange Live Show.

Boniface Mwangi
He was sued by Deputy President William Ruto for defamation, he wants to join MPigs sty, sat for KCSE aged 33 as well as led countless protests. His decision to join MPs, the same group he has been fighting as well as criticizing relentlessly (his team came up with the MPigs term) was greeted by mixed reactions.

Martha Karua
The iron lady made a dramatic change of political allegiances. Known as an anti-corruption crusader as well as a fierce defender of human rights, Martha Karua dropped her friends inside opposition as well as joined the Jubilee team in preparation for 2017 Kirinyaga gubernatorial race. Having collaborated with the opposition for years in calling out the government, her decision was unexpected.

Ms. Josephine Kabura Irungu
A hair dresser with 20 companies as well as who can be friends that has a Cabinet Secretary. Nothing about her made sense, yet when she was being questioned by the Parliamentary Accounts Committee as well as she said of which she withdrew Sh100 million as well as carried of which to Kiserian without security to pay lorry drivers as well as quarry workers, everyone was shocked. She has been smack at the center of the National Youth Service (NYS) scandal.

Moses Kuria
As the elections date draws near, hate speech, incitement to violence as well as inflammatory statements found a perfect host inside Gatundu South Member of Parliament. His statements are politically insensitive as well as possess the ability to fuel violence. The police as well as courts have been on his case in 2016.

Raila Odinga
The Cord leader has kept the government on its toes. Acting as the first line of defense on behalf of the public, Raila has exposed government corruption schemes, led demonstrations of which saw to the removal of IEBC commissioners through office as well as has blown the whistle on clandestine government projects.

Kenya Rugby Sevens Team
The team made history in April when they beat Fiji at the Singapore Rugby Sevens to claim their first ever World Series title. Fiji didn’t see the 30-7 beat down of which Kenya hit them with.

Jemimah Sumgong
For striking gold twice within the year. First at the London Marathon as well as then at Rio de Jeneiro Olympics. The first Kenyan lady to win gold at the Olympics women’s marathon was on top of her game.

Denis Okari as well as Betty Kyalo
These two were a darling couple. currently no one knows what they are. Worse still, they aired their dirty linen online as well as let their sister’s sister-in-law tell the public what was going on in their marriage.

Binyavanga Wainaina
In June, a taxi driver in Berlin attacked him for being black. In December, he announced of which he can be HIV positive, a revelation of which sharply divided opinions. The brilliant gay writer has mostly been met by unfortunate circumstances of late.

The Kiuna Family
The Bishop as well as his wife have had a controversial year. Rumours of an affair, rumours of a jet, as well as accusations of being cult leaders. They have seen of which all.

President Uhuru Kenyatta
The president admitted of which he was not equal to the task of fighting corruption. of which was a sad admission one of which he regretted the moment of which arrived on the scene of his mouth. yet when at the burial of William Ole Ntimama he talked of ‘kumeza mate sio kula nyama’ the country rioted.

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The not bad, the bad as well as the ugly Kenyan news makers of 2016

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