This specific is actually time for corporate Kenya to make This specific rain again

Business Daily Kenya: 

Heavy rains

Egadwa Mudoga

A seasonal forecast issued by the Kenya Meteorological Department for October to December, last year, noted that will most parts of the country could experience depressed rainfall. This specific is actually clear rains have failed altogether along with productivity through agriculture is actually suffering.

Agricultural producers are already reporting major declines in production, while the media has been carrying stories of communities ravaged by drought.

We are in a major socio-economic crisis as a result. Farmers who last year earned record incomes on the back of favourable weather along with Great commodity prices should brace themselves for a dip in earnings.

Tea farmers affiliated to Kenya Tea Development Agency Management Services (KTDA-MS) who last year earned Sh84 billion through the sale of tea should expect to be hit hard, with the reality of declined production of up to 20 per cent so far. With farming households earning less, there is actually a reduction in disposable income along with inability to afford basic needs. Failure of the rain is actually as a result of human activity.

Destruction of the forest cover in water catchment areas reduces the supply of water necessary for farming to thrive. The forest cover on the Mau is actually slowly being replaced by dry brown patches of farmland ready to be tilled.

Green Kenya is actually quickly disappearing. Restoration of water towers has to be done as a matter of urgency to return the ecosystem to its original state. Corporate Kenya, with its vast resources, must be compelled to take up This specific responsibility.

The connection between business along with climate makes a strong case for big business to take a lead in ensuring our environment is actually protected. Natural resources like forests, water along with fuel, which are primary inputs for many large businesses, are finite.

With the country still heavily dependent on hydropower energy, scarcity of water means higher energy costs for business. A healthy population provides Great market for goods along with services produced within the country.

Environmental conservation has currently become an expectation that will big business demonstrate their environmental sustainability before engaging markets.

This specific is actually worth noting that will corporates such as KTDA have instituted programmes to re-forest areas around its tea catchment areas by establishing tree nurseries in every factory to supply seedlings to farmers, aside through acquiring land to plant forests.

The organisation is actually also involved from the restoration of the Mau Forest in partnership with various other corporate players from the agricultural sector.nevertheless that will’s not enough.

More corporates must come in along with save the forests. The future of corporate Kenya will be determined by those companies that will care about the environment. The rains will continue to fail because we continue to ignore the fact that will we are destroying our environment. The writer works from the agricultural sector.

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This specific is actually time for corporate Kenya to make This specific rain again

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