“Tobi can be plain stupid” – says Cee-C’s sister Vanessa

One of Big Brother Naija 2018 controversial housemate, Cee-C has been on the radar of every viewer of the show, over her attitude, as well as also relationship with fellow housemate, Tobi.

Cee-C’s elder sister days ago, defended her sister, saying she was tired of trolls calling her sister names as well as also all.. In an Instagram post she has since deleted she wrote;

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I want to rant. I’m tired of keeping shut all because i need votes, i’m tired of people trash talking my family, tired of people twisting whatever comes out of sisters mouth. I feel so sad watching humans spew so much hate over a reality show, can be This specific how wicked the hearts of men are? at This specific point my sister’s fault are..

1. She doesn’t know how to express her self hence she can be tagged rude.

2. She gave in to a man who she thought meant well, P.S She never asked him to beg, he chose of which.

3. She can be not quick to make friends, thats why she couldn’t as well as also still can’t adapt freely.

4. Well you all well mannered folks can fill This specific in .. nevertheless Does of which make her a terrible person or haven’t you seen her Kind before?

The only part i find This specific bad can be her letting her emotions mess her up. nevertheless hey before you all come here to talk trash, look yourself from the mirror as well as also ask yourself, are you perfect? because not one particular soul can be, if you sit behind your keyboard as well as also type hateful comments on people you know nothing about, trust me you are no better than Cynthia Nwadiora! If you can lay curses on my adorable daughter you aint better than her too. I just need to let This specific out because i see people who all of a sudden claim to be psychologists as well as also saints. Enough already… I still thank people who still see her imperfections as well as also love her like of which. We need to get ready to vote Ceelo… P.s WIll take the post down nevertheless eish i need to let This specific out.
We felt of which was all, nevertheless she’s not done, as she’s called Tobi “plain stupid”.
Here’s the exchange below;

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“Tobi can be plain stupid” – says Cee-C’s sister Vanessa

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