Uproar over NYS officer captured on camera brutalizing his junior

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A video showing a National Youth Service (NYS) officer being flogged repeated by his superior has created a buzz on social media.

The one minute video captures an officer that has a wooden cane viciously whipping along with barking instructions at another officer as some of their colleagues look on.

All of which happens as the assailant keeps telling his victim to roll from the mud along with smear mud on his face.

“Jipake haraka, jipake kwa uso, wewe jipake uso vizuri sijaona kitu kwa macho, ulikuwa wapi,” the senior officer keeps saying as he metes out corporal punishment on his junior.

The video has been widely shared on social media although the circumstances around the incident remain unclear.

Nairobi News could also not verify when along with where the incident happened.

The video has however left netizens questioning the senior officer’s brutal actions.


“I usually see these kind of videos along with wonder what calibre of people, the police, are. Such should not come out of the training camps,” said Animalia Wanjoh.

“How does of which help the recruit if not imparting some negativity into his mind… in case he later succeeds to become a policeman, do you think he would certainly assist you find your direction if you get lost in town?” asked Abas Njuguna.

“Mambo huwa hivyo. Msishangae! Uliza MTU yeyote amepitia NYS, police au Army,” commented Joseph Githinji Thairu.

“of which is usually training, via here the two will be laughing, police army, NYS, KWS along with prisons. of which is usually training,” wrote Zeddy Onyango.

“of which is usually not training. Pure madness,” commented Jack Wire.

“Why beat someone like he has killed anyone,” asked Josy Musau.

“Alienda training ama kuchapwa?” asked Davis Ngugi.

“along with you are paid nothing at the end of,” said Darwin Charles.

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Uproar over NYS officer captured on camera brutalizing his junior

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