”We Have TYRANNY of Numbers This specific time in addition to I Will ONLY SERVE for ONE TERM As President”- Raila

NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga has confirmed which the NASA coalition features a strong +10million registered voters, bigger than Jubilee imagined. The former Premier said he will serve for one term if elected President during the August 8 polls.

Raila on Thursday said he will run the nation under the guidance of a MoU signed by the all 5 NASA principals.

The former Prime Minister further stated the Pentagon principals will share power in line with the Constitution.

He cleared fears of a possibility of amending the Constitution to ensure the all 5 get a share of positions if NASA wins.

The Opposition leader, who was unveiled as NASA flag bearer on April 27, said the MoU binds him to vie for one term as President.

“although if the alliance does not win the August election, the agreement will not hold water.”

He also dismissed fears which the coalition will disintegrate within the event the team loses the presidential poll.

“Even if 2 members walk out, the coalition will remain intact,” Raila said in a Citizen TV interview.

The ODM leader said their agreement lasts for 5 years further noting which the proposed position will be delegated under the coalition.

“The constitution gives the president powers to create positions without amending the supreme law,” Raila said.

On ODM nominations, Raila said he left the party’s national elections board to handle the process.

The opposition chief said he took a hands-off approach to ensure democracy prevailed within the primaries.

He thanked members for the minimal cases of chaos in addition to violence during the primaries.

“I feel ODM did pretty well within the nominations, compared to last time, I personally did not involve myself in nomination affairs.”

“Allegations which I influenced the choice of candidates elected within the ODM nominations are unfounded,” he said.

Raila further stated which he has nothing against those who decided to run as independent candidates after losing the polls.

He maintained which results of the general elections must be announced at the constituency level for the sake of transparency in addition to accountability.

“The Supreme Court already ruled which a Returning Officer has the mandate to announce results which are considered as final. So, This specific has to be followed.”

He called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to accept defeat if the NASA team beats Jubilee Party within the poll.

Raila pledged to also abide by the decision of Kenyans further asking IEBC to keep the players within the election engaged in addition to informed.

“I am confident which we will stop the rigging. We will accept the results of an election devoid of rigging. All we ask Kenyans will be to be peaceful during This specific electioneering period,” he said.

The ODM leader pledged to boost devolved funds by up to 45% of the national revenue within their first 0 days in office.

“We also work hard to bring down the cost of essential commodities to ease the cost of living. We will also vet state officers to minimise wastage in addition to ensure funds are utilised well.”

Further, on the war against corruption, Raila pledged to improve institutions mandated to fight the vice in addition to also ensure they provide leadership which will be committed to cause.

“NASA will ensure which secures convictions for people involved in corruption since the evidence exists in most of the cases,” he said.

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”We Have TYRANNY of Numbers This specific time in addition to I Will ONLY SERVE for ONE TERM As President”- Raila

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