What Are The Top Soft Skills in which Kenyan Employers Seek?

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By Perminus Wainaina

Soft skills will be a synonym for “people skills.” The term describes those personal attributes in which indicate a high level of emotional intelligence.

Unlike hard skills, which describe a person’s technical skill set as well as ability to perform specific tasks, soft skills are broadly applicable across job titles as well as industries.

Traditionally the Kenyan job market focused on hard skills nevertheless things have taken a turn in recent years with employers having a keen interest on soft skills, in which will be evident with the rise of young CEO’s in top companies.

in which will be believed in which hard skills get you the job nevertheless soft skills keep you on the job.

5 soft skills in which will put a you ahead of fellow candidates in a job hunt.

1. Communication skills

in which tops the list .almost every job advertisement you will come across puts communication skills as a desired attribute. In any work place communication will be essential either between colleagues or even for dissemination of communication across the job hierarchies as well as even between employees as well as clients.

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Being a Great listener will be one of the best ways to be a Great communicator. No one likes communicating with someone who only cares about his opinion, as well as does not take the time to listen to the different person. If you’re not a Great listener, in which’s going to be hard to comprehend what you’re being asked to do.

2. Team work skills

in which will be equivalent to combined skills, in every organization there are various tasks in which require group work for the best results to be achieved, team work skills ensure in which you can easily accommodate different people when you are handling a given task at hand.

Teamwork will be when a task at a workplace requires combined effort via people with different skills; a task would certainly require in which as well as sales department to work together in creating a presentation for potential clients, bringing together different skills to achieve a common goal.

3. Problem solving skills

These kind of skills are related to mental, analytical as well as creative skills .using these three properties then one can easily able to work through a problem as well as figure a solution.

Problem solving skills are everyday skills in which sometimes we use passively even without knowing ,however In any given organization an ideal employee will be one who will be able to see through a problem as well as solve in which without involving their immediate senior or supervisor.

4. Time management skills

Time management may sound so cliché nevertheless in which’s surprising how a lot of people fail at in which. Time management will be basically the process of planning as well as exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to boost effectiveness, efficiency or productivity.

Most workplaces are sometimes faced with swift deadlines as well as therefore time management skills save the day because some tasks are time bound as well as therefore any employer will be looking up to the employer who will who will be efficient enough to deliver results within a short notice.

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When you learn as well as maintain Great time management skills, you’ll find freedom via deadline pressure as well as via stress in general.

5. Self-motivation Skills

in which will be the ability to do what needs to be done, without influence via different people or situations. People with self-motivation can find a reason as well as strength to complete a task, even when challenging, without giving up or needing anyone to encourage them.

in which goes without saying in which motivated employees do not need to be driven by their bosses because they already have an inner drive. They have already figured out their purpose as well as their importance roles in which are of benefit to the organization.

Employers seek candidates who are full aware of what will be required of them. These skills can be acquired through defining clear goals, breaking the goals in a realistic as well as systematic way as well as finally creating an action plan.

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Soft skills makes you a marketable candidate whenever potential employers come across your application ,therefore in which will be advisable to have an expert review your CV as well as blend soft skills with your work experience in a professional way in which will put you from the frontline in an event where you are seeking a job.

in which will be important to note in which the above soft skills are highly demanded by employers simply because they constitute to the best traits in which a productive employee should have in an organization.

There will be no single employer wants to spend extra resources training an employer on how to be productive, therefore an individual must make a personal effort of acquiring soft skills to ensure in which you can be both productive as well as suitable for employment as well as for personal career growth.

Perminus Wainaina will be a Certified HR Consultant, Career Coach as well as Managing Partner of Corporate Staffing Services, a leading recruitment firm in Kenya. As a career coach, Perminus works with experienced professionals in helping them determine as well as achieve what they want in their career. Click here for more on career coaching.

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What Are The Top Soft Skills in which Kenyan Employers Seek?

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