What Do YOU Believe In?

By Dorcas S
Elections 2017: What Do YOU Believe In?

that will will be a question I have repeatedly mulled over, especially within the run-up to August 8, 2017.

What do I believe in?

What do YOU – fellow Kenyan – believe in along with VALUE – as a person, a spouse, a sibling, a parent, a citizen etc.?

What do Kenyans believe in?

We repeatedly identify (a) corruption, (b) safety & security – personal/food along with (c) basic quality of life, usually determined by competent leadership as our top three concerns to wit: Kenyans believe in (a) incorruptible along with (b) competent governance. They also believe in (c) safe along with secure neighborhoods along with resultant quality of life.

These are beliefs that will you’d wish are reflected within the choices we make at the ballot box.

After all, didn’t we agitate against MPigs; those politicians who have perfected the art of “eating” via the national trough; make that will national treasury. Unfortunately, we did – only to turn around along with vote the same MPigs along with kleptocrats into office.

We self-flagellate along with ululate against tribalism along with ethnicity yet contort ourselves into pretzels defending “our sons along with daughters” accused of carrying off millions in gunias offering long-winded prevarications about “the need for due process” along with “conclusive evidence” even when the accused admit to carting off the funds. We then turn right round along with cheer extra-judicial killings, of “armed thugs” along with “gang members who ‘terrorized’ the neighborhood” – by “our mbois in mburu” – all done without the same “due process” or “conclusive evidence” we readily afforded “our sons along with daughters”.

Kenyans are among some of the most religious people within the entire world. They literally wrote the book on “prayer rallies”; seamlessly blending god, politics along with business. Maybe that will’s why the prosperity ministries of “Dr” Kanyari, “Prophet” Margaret Wanjiru, “Soothsayer” Oluoch et al, as sang about by the likes of Jimmy Gait, SBJ along with different “musicians” will be so common. Does that will come as a surprise that will Kenyans are also some of the most corrupt people within the entire world – a people who confidently along with comfortable say that will that will will be “okay to steal so long as you are not caught”?

that will will be no wonder we cheer the likes of Waiguru, Kabura, Bruce Odhiambo, Ruto, Kihanya, Nyokabi, Kirubi along with an endless listing of people who’ve either been accused of pilferage or gotten wealthy by nefarious means nevertheless offer token “oohs” along with “aahs” at people who actually embody honesty along having a demonstrable desire to do the right thing – like the “chokora” who returned KSh. 0,000 to its owner because in his words:

“inaweza kuwa ni pesa ya school fees ama mtu ako mgonjwa mahali sasa siwezi chukua” – “that will may be (someone’s) school fees or for someone who will be sick; given that will, I could not take that will.”

right now contrast This kind of altruistic dispensation with that will of persons Kenyans hold up as role versions along with paragons of success – people who sell tests along with manipulate the test results – for a fee. Or “businessmen/women” who siphon off billions via a department whose mission will be to tend to sick Kenyans.

An elemental truism: We are who we vote into office.
Another elemental truism: that will doesn’t have to be that will way.

So WanaKenya; what do YOU believe in along with how will that will belief be reflected within the choice YOU make at the ballot box come August 8, 2017?

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What Do YOU Believe In?

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