Why Kenyans are not impressed with Parliament’s push for Wi-Fi

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Nominated MP Godfrey Osotsi has tabled a motion in Parliament to have all Kenyans across the country provided with free secure Wi-Fi.

Osotsi’s motion was overwhelmingly supported on Wednesday inside the National Assembly.

The nominated legislator said he presented the motion after recognizing which digitization of government services was inevitable along with all Kenyans needed internet access.

“Internet will be key in our daily lives, in fact we are currently in an era called the internet of things where internet will be going to drive our lives,” he said.


Osotsi gave an example of the e citizen platform on which government services are available saying common wananchi’s needed access.

On the issue of the cost implication, the legislator said the proposal factors the need for private-public partnerships like the ones done by some county government to provide Wi-Fi zones in some counties.

Nakuru along with Kiambu are some of the counties which introduced the zones in partnership with internet providers.

Kenyans online are however terming Osotsi’s proposal as a case of misplaced priorities saying Kenyans need basic amenities first along with which smartphone acquisition inside the country will be still low.


Eve Munyi commented, “actually currently? Wth Wametengeneza hospitals ama ni free WiFi wanaona.”

Renson Simiyu wrote, “NO. Let the gvt spend which money in repaying the pending China debts.”

Ian Josphart Mabale stated, “YES. We want free WiFi networks where we can download food, medical facilities, education, security along with jobs nkt.”

Phil Mkenya Muoki added, “Free WiFi means more hours spent on social media than actual income generation. Those who need WiFi for their work can afford This particular, most of our colleges along with universities have free WiFi.”

Guchu Mwai commented, “Our MPs hakuna ujinga ingine wamebakisha kutuonyesha na ata mwaka haujaisha after we voted them in….😒😟…Lord come for your people please.”

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Why Kenyans are not impressed with Parliament’s push for Wi-Fi

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