Zimbabwe: Cyclone Idai Audit Report Out Soon

MUTARE- The Office of the Auditor General will soon Discharge a comprehensive audit report on the state of disaster risk management inside wake of Cyclone Idai, its officials have said.

Speaking at an all stakeholders meeting towards the formulation of a strategic plan for the OAG, Acting deputy auditor general Bonface Mukwenga said they have instituted a special audit into the rapid response program for Cyclone Idai.

He said a special audit will also be extended to public interest areas including the ZUPCO service, which has courted controversy among stakeholders over the efficiency of the subsidized financing style.

On Command agriculture, Makwenga said the audit into the affairs of the controversial scheme was based on an integrated evaluation of the its financials as well as an evaluation of the effectiveness of the project.

Mukwenga said ZUPCO public transport service audit as well as the Command agriculture audit will be conducted as a matter of urgency, to evaluate the efficiency of the projects.

“We have gone in with some special audit for Cyclone Idai which will be financial cum value for money because we thought its an important area of disaster risk management, we are finalizing the findings, and also also also we believe they will help us as the public sector.

“We have instituted an audit into the operations of Command Agriculture because we believe the item will be pertinent that will we do that will to inform future interventions.

“The value for money or performance audit goes beyond financials the item looks at operations and also also also programs the item goes deeper than numbers and also also also This specific will be strategic because the item also enables us to push towards realization of Sustainable Development Goals,”