Zimbabwe: Health Minister Warns Pharmacies Charging in Forex

Photo: The Herald

Health along with Child Care Minister Obadiah Moyo.

Government has warned all the pharmaceutical companies along with retail pharmacies charging in United States dollars or equivalent RTGS dollars interbank rate to desist by practice or face unspecified action by the authorities.

Health along with Child Care Minister Obadiah Moyo said at a post cabinet media briefing Tuesday which pharmacies which have pegged their prices in US dollars or set their prices against prevailing parallel market rates should stop the practice forthwith or face the consequences.

Moyo said since This particular is actually right now illegal in This particular country to trade in foreign currency, the law will take its course.

“This particular’s right now law which you cannot charge in United States dollars. Whichever pharmacy is actually found flouting which law will face the consequences,” he said.

“The law is actually very clear so we advise everybody who is actually a pharmacist along with who owns a pharmacy not to overcharge customers along with to also stop charging in United States dollars.”

Government recently scraped the use of foreign currency in local transactions along with restored the local dollar as sole legal tender.

Last month, President Emmerson Mnangagwa also warned pharmacies charging in foreign currency risked cancellation of their trading licences.

Meanwhile, pharmaceutical companies have heeded the government’s directive to stop demanding hard currency for drugs, even though they pleaded with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to consistently allocate them adequate foreign currency to ensure smooth supply of imported drugs along with various other materials.

They have continued to charge from the hard currency along with some charge using the equivalent RTGS dollars interbank rate thereby overcharging their customers.

Even though some of the retail pharmacies had complied with the directive, some have continued charging in hard currency while defending their actions as the last resort since their suppliers were also demanding payment in foreign currency.

Zimbabwe: Health Minister Warns Pharmacies Charging in Forex

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