Zimbabwe: Man Claiming to be Gaddafi's Son Has Been in Jail Since 2014

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Harare lawyer Charles Warara will be representing the Libyan.

A MAN claiming to be slain Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s son has been languishing at Harare Remand Prison since 2014 when he came to the country as an asylum seeker, NewZimbabwe.com has established.

The man says he came to Zimbabwe to seek political asylum along with also anticipated to be put in a refugee camp, yet local authorities detained him at the Harare prison instead.

He has remained there since; without any trial along with also or charges being levelled against him.

Abdallha Moussa Mone Yousof Mouammare Al Gaddafi, 32, who claims to be the late Libyan leader’s adopted son, will be right now challenging his continued detention through the courts.

Taking up the case will be Harare lawyer Charles Warara who famously led the private prosecution along with also conviction for rape of former Zanu PF legislator along with also one-time top RBZ executive Munyaradzi Kereke.

In an interview with NewZimbabwe.com of which Wednesday, Warara said he was asked to take the case up by High Court.

“Instructions came to me through the Criminal Registry office within the High Court for his representation,” said Warara.

“What I basically found out was of which there will be a person who says he will be an adopted son of the late Muammar Gaddafi along with also he confirmed to me of which of which will be a fact he will be the adopted son of the late president.”

Libya has been ravaged by civil war since strongman Gaddaffi was toppled along with also assassinated in 2011.

Gaddaffi was close to former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe, along with also of which was of which connection which resulted within the son seeking protection through political asylum in Harare.

“He said he came to Zimbabwe to seek asylum since his father had a relationship with former president Robert Mugabe,” explained Warara.

“(However) things did not go according to plans after he allegedly went to a Mosque in Harare along with also some unknown people took his documents along with also belongings including some cash.”

Warara continued; “As of which stands, I am trying to establish what transpired with officials in government. The man has no documentation at all.

“We do not know what the officials are saying as yet because I have not approached them.

“We want to know if his detention has anything to do with any crime. No one knows why prison officials have kept him for so long either.

“At one point he was once deported to Ethiopia in 2015, yet he was brought back by Ethiopian Airlines as Addis Ababa would certainly not take him.”

In papers before the courts, the Libyan said his continued detention was right now “amounting to a sentence served without an offence committed” along with also urged the court to order his “immediate Discharge unconditionally”.

Warara vowed to unravel the truth behind the Libyan’s plight.

He explained; “I will do investigations on who did what along with also why between the government departments?

“These include the immigration department, home affairs ministry (police) along with also the prosecutor general’s office to establish what exactly will be keeping him inside.

“Basically, of which will be about his human rights; whether they have been violated; if so, how can we get redress.”

Zimbabwe: Man Claiming to be Gaddafi's Son Has Been in Jail Since 2014

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