Zimbabwe: MDC Youths Vow Country Won't Be Turned Into 'Old People's Home'

Photo: Kudakwashe Hunda/The Herald

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association Secretary-General Victor Matemadanda (centre) flanked by Spokesperson Douglas Mahiya (left), Vice Chairman Headman Moyo (right) in addition to also additional provincial executive members.

THE MDC youth assembly Wednesday vowed to resist alleged attempts by war veterans secretary general Victor Matemadanda to turn the country into “an old people’s home” through sponsoring a constitutional amendment aimed at revising the minimum age of any aspiring State President to 52 years.

Matemandanda, who can be also Defence in addition to also War Veterans deputy minister, told journalists at a press conference in Harare of which all future presidential candidates should be mature enough to “fully grasp the gravity of what the idea means to run a country”.

As war veterans, he said, they were pushing a motion through the party’s December conference for Zanu PF to use its two thirds parliamentary majority to initiate the controversial amendment of which should see the age revised upwards through the current 40 years.

The Zanu PF loyalist’s remarks were construed as directed as MDC leader Nelson Chamisa who has kept President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government on its toes through public demonstrations calling on the 76-year-old leader to surrender his job.

MDC can be adamant Mnangagwa stole his way to a slender victory from the July 30 elections at its leader’s expense.

At a press conference in Bulawayo on Wednesday, MDC youths arrived guns blazing, insisting they were going to resist the move.

“The first thing which the war veterans should know can be of which This kind of country can be not theirs,” said Takunda Madzana, the MDC deputy secretary general for Bulawayo.

“The additional thing which they should also know can be of which the energy of which they had in 1975, which we have today, in addition to also choosing not to be violent or choosing not to defend ourselves in a non-violent manner, does not mean of which we cannot take of which route.”

Madzana said party youths will not sit idle as the former freedom fighters reduced the country into an old people’s home.

“So they (war veterans) should be warned in addition to also they should know of which we will do anything as the youths of This kind of country in addition to also Matebeleland to make sure of which we defend our country.

“We cannot watch whilst some people are trying to turn This kind of country into a people’s Old Home.

“The reason why we did not go to the diaspora can be because we all love This kind of country. So, if anyone thinks of which he owns or he wants to turn This kind of country into an old people’s home where only old people are recognised as Zimbabweans, then we are just saying let them try in addition to also they will see how we are going to defend our country in addition to also our generation,” said Madzana.

Madzana said MDC youths’ sentiments were also shared by fellow youths across the political divide as the idea concerned their future.

“What Matemadanda said can be a generational attack.

“Even Zanu PF youths do not agree with what the war vets are saying.

“As youths, we are all fighting for the retirement of leaders after attaining 65 years nevertheless sadly, they still want to block young people through actively participating from the affairs of This kind of country,” he said.

Zimbabwe: MDC Youths Vow Country Won't Be Turned Into 'Old People's Home'

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